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A Day In The Life Of This Mom

     My day started with a cup of coffee with Elv.  It happened to be warmer upstairs in the living room so that’s where we sat.  I am studying to teach Sunday School next Sunday.  We’re in Nehemiah 7 where all the family names of the returned Jews are listed.  At the end of the list is a few families who claim they are Jews but their names cannot be found in the old records.  So they decide to put that on hold until the priests can consult God through the Urim and Thummim.  Isn’t that an interesting little story? 
     Elv and Lance went out the door fortified with breakfast sandwiches.  I called the girls and sat back down to my computer for a few minutes.  I like the quiet till the children appear.  
     After breakfast for the rest of us, we had school devotions and then school for the children and writing for me for a couple of hours.  Brad is learning about circle graphs, and I was organizing some observations on “paper”.  
     At eleven I “came to” for some house work and then lunch.  In the meantime because the wood is wet the fire downstairs was still not burning and the clothes not drying. Clammy! 
     After lunch I got Amy to bring me her Language book and thrust a quick test of the last six units under her nose.  She did pretty well what with jumping right in the middle of the last unit to do it.  So we sat together and learned about predicate nominatives, direct objects, indirect objects and the like for an hour.  I enjoyed that more than she, no doubt.  
     Wrote a letter to my sisters, to Susan, and to Jake and Mary Coblentz this afternoon.  My sisters and I are planning a sister day or two for next fall.  
     Frances prepared meat loaf and baked potatoes for supper and Amy swept up the house while I coaxed the recalcitrant fire downstairs again and folded laundry. 
     Yesterday the girls took a nap since they’re still recovering form our current virus.  Frances came down and said, “Mom, I woke with the weirdest flash-back like I have ever had before.  I woke up and thought it must be time for Jenny and Lisl to come home from work…is was summer and Jenny had been at Gladyses cleaning… It was so real.”  Sigh! That really tugged at me for a minute or two.  She didn’t enjoy it, either.
     Clark put his little car in the ditch this morning avoiding a deer on icy roads.  And Lance sold his pickup today.  Jenny is at home in Nebraska waiting for that baby to come.  Haven’t heard from Lisl today, yet.
     A good day at home. Elv praised me for staying at home all day.  Silly man! I love it, too.  I think I’ll do that again tomorrow.

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