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What’s Happening In Nebraska

Here what’s happening. Gwen has a new little brother. She has accepted him into her little world with open arms…

And kisses…literally. Myles Andrew is not nearly as impressed with her as she is with him, apparently. But we are confident that one day they will be best friends.

From where Gwen can survey her outside world as long as Jack the big dog at her house isn’t trying to lick her face. She’s “ready for anything” most of the time. Can you tell?

Well, mostly. Just as soon as she can get her skirt out from under her shoe, that is.

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7 thoughts on “What’s Happening In Nebraska”

  1. Aw, so cute! Love the last picture! Congratulations to you all! Jenny now has a million-dollar-family, but priceless, of course. And I'll be breathing little mommy-strength-and-sanity prayers for her whenever I think of her!!!!!! 🙂


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