Marmee Minutes

More Nebraska Days

   We are having a windy, sunny day.  The clothes on the line are whipped dry in a few minutes, and thunderclouds range  close by, so we’re keeping our eye on the weather.  
   The men have gone off to town to buy worms to go fishing.  They took Lance’s pick-up so that they could all get in along with poles and paraphernalia accordingly.  Elv just called me to ask a question about the toy tractor he is looking at for Jube.  Lisl has asked for a “real” tractor and wagon for him and says that Thailand hasn’t any. 
   A batch of monster cookies cools on the counter top while dry laundry waits to be folded and put away. 
   This morning Jenny and I stopped at their favorite used shop for a few minutes. I found another Corrie Ten Boom book I haven’t read and a very nice oil lamp for the cabin, and a Fisher Price toy for Gwen for her first birthday.
   Yet, this week we plan to celebrate her birthday, scrapbook, and sew with my sister Amy for a day.  
   Jenny and the new little Myles are doing excellently.  She is resting well, and he is about perfect as babies go, sleeping and eating on a schedule to rival ANY ideal.  

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