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   Well, there is snow in Wisconsin. Lots of it.  Almost two weeks ago the children and I headed down to Nebraska and I blithely informed Elv that I was seeing the last of snow for this winter.  How wrong I was!  There was snowfall in Nebraska, too! 
   I was going to come home to yard clean-up and spring house-cleaning. Not that there aren’t sorting and culling projects to do indoors.  We have too many THINGS in our little house and for the first time in my entire married life we are considering a yard/rummage/ garage sale to get rid of extra books, furniture and other household paraphernalia. Except we will have it on the lawn not having a garage to my name.  
   But I wasn’t going to post about spring cleaning.  I was going to pontificate about the inequalities of life about cars, Jeeps, and value.  
   We headed home Saturday morning in good time from Gabes.  As soon as we hit the highway two miles from their house we knew we were in trouble.  There we were driving on interstate 80 in second gear with home being 600 miles distant.  Nobody in their right minds would drive that far screaming along in second gear with an Australian Shepherd breathing down the driver’s neck. But that’s a different story…the dog part, that is.
   So we turned round and headed back to Gabe’s while Elv and Gabe talked on the phone about what to do.  Which meant that the Jeep Gabe has been talking with Elv about the last two years was to be our way to get home and also to replace the Sidekick, as it happens.  
   Now I’m ready to state how odd it seems to me that a Jeep with a broken windshield, lots of corrosion (note, I didn’t mention rust), and layers of Nebraska dust can be worth $1,2oo, while my own car of the same year (’93 model) having absolutely no rust, a good engine and being moderately beautiful as cars go, to my mind, can be worth only $200, or so, just because the transmission is out!  Elv has been patiently explaining to me that the Jeep is 4-wheel-drive, of all things! It’s like duh! what can you possibly be thinking?! Okay, so it’s a man’s world stamped plain and clear with a man’s perspective of value and that is what carries the day in my world. Get real, woman!
   So here I am, car-less and snowed out of yard work.  I can whine and complain and focus on my thwarted life, or I can get busy with the work at hand.  Even more, I can trust God who knew He was going to keep my car in Nebraska with a “For Sale” sign on it long before we headed down there.  So what is next shall be another adventure! Get at it!

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