Rainy Day Ramblings

pickupI noticed something yesterday.  I took a pickup like this to town to do my grocery shopping instead of


         (These are just google images of the two vehicles.) Is it just me or do people notice vehicles? I don’t mind driving old, not-so-pretty vehicles as long as they get me from point A to point B okay.  My cut-off is when the vehicle attracts the attention of the local cop like the last time I took the Jeep out because the license plates are still out there in the snail mail world somewhere. So I took Lance’s and found out that new and nice means something to people. I guess I am a little fuddy-duddy, but methinks folks put a little too much stock in looks.

Nice rainy day today.  I stepped into Northwoods Craft and Gift this morning to buy a roll of white crocheting thread.  I suggested to the lady behind the counter that we get to enjoy a nice rain today.  She said, “Enjoy?” I assured her that yes we will enjoy it since rain is what will green things up.  What wrong with rain? I love a rainy day especially in the spring. You can about see the grass turning green hour by hour!

Elv and I have decided that the old metal shed out back must go!  It’s heavy enough to bring a good scrap check and it is ugly!  We thought we would just turn the check into a shed-in-a-box or something. We also planned to take pictures of The Tub, the old red boat, and put it on Craigslist for sale. In the meantime Delvin got wind of our plans and wanted the boat for his family use, so Elv suggested they trade… “I’ll give you The Tub and you give me your old covered trailer for storage.”  Elv and Delvin do this sort of horse trading all the time.  They trade time for goods, time for time, goods for goods and tool use for tool use…whatever.  Almost never does money change hands…we won’t say why that is but I personally believe that is ONLY because they don’t have that on hand, usually.  There is a certain saws-all that goes between our two places that I cannot remember who owns. I ask Elv now and then and he tells me but I keep losing track because when Elv wants to use it he goes over to Delvin’s and gets it and then when Delvin wants it, he comes over here and gets it.  They don’t even bother calling unless they’ve lost track of who has it.  Anyway, the storage trailer is perfect for storing the valuables that were in the ugly metal shed and Delvin’s children are ecstatic about owning The Tub. We hope they have just as many happy evenings of family fishing as we enjoyed over the years.


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Ramblings”

  1. Speaking of Tubs. I know where there is one that looks almost exactly like that one. And it had some real nice tuning up and new floor and runs beautifully. And it's been sitting in the shed for almost two summers. I would bet the Grabers would really enjoy it….I wonder if it's for sale…..


  2. I read this to Dan and commented that he is going to be jealous. He said, “I AM!” I hope too they have many good family times fishing.
    Cheryl Weaver


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