The Heroes Are Fading

I wish to issue an official complaint that the heroes are fading. And I miss them. I miss the security of knowing someone big is in charge of my world.

I truly admired them. I thought they could do no wrong. I thought they knew the answers.  I thought they were never frightened or unsure of what to do next. They created goodness for me at home, at church, and in the big, bad world. When I had a worry about the future, all I had to do was to know that “they” were going to fix it. They would discipline the dissenters and the disorderly persons while upholding good character and righteousness. This goes for church AND for the political world.

They would also plan the parties. Someone bigger and better than me always had a good plan for our social life, like birthdays, Christmas, and celebrations. On Easter morning in church someone picked out anthems to sing, a sermon to preach, and something special to share with the congregation. 

When it came time for elections the all-knowing, responsible elders in our world would demonstrate greatness and appoint one of their own to presidency or governorship. I trusted them to get it right, to have integrity and tact in all that they decided about us and our collective interests.

Suddenly “they” is us! Now it is OUR fault if the whole thing falls flat. Frankly, I am disappointed. You mean to tell me that the big people were just like I am now? Do you mean they were scared too, of making the wrong decision at times? Are you serious that they messed up and said things they shouldn’t have said and did things they should not have done?  They actually had to go back and make apologies?

I feel just like the little kid who finally figured out that Santa Claus is a myth. The magic is gone! Now, it’s up to me to offer respect and love to my church and my world with more honesty than ever. Now it’s my turn to plan the parties, pick the anthems and be on time. Just because their secret is out does not mean I should not continue to pass the trust on to the children.

You know, it is comforting to know that in the end it is possible to pass on trust even after you realize the facts. It is not about fooling anybody really, it is about choosing to love and admire those who are doing their best to follow righteousness in spite of their humanness. 

I really hope that I am helping to create a world where youth still trusts the big people. And it IS kind of nice to finally grow up and smell the coffee.

5 thoughts on “The Heroes Are Fading”

  1. Yes and it's also about knowing who you are in Christ. It's not nearly as scary when things are lined up with Christ and you know that you're redeemed through Christ. THEN you will be qualified to pass the trust down to the children because you then have something to actually trust in….rather than trusting in those Heroes. So I just had to finish your thought for you! Thanks for your post.


  2. Thank you Arla. You put into words what I've kinda been feeling. I remember looking up to the VSer when I was little, they were just, wow, so mature & cool… etc
    Is this post copy righted?? I would like I share it, if you don't mind.


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