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More Ordinary Adventures

Lance William (22)
Frances Rose 

Today Frances and I talked about being seventeen and how it was my worst teenage year.  I remember feeling like all my roads were slow downs.  Part of the reason for that, of course, was the fact that up ahead at the big 18 the man who wanted to court me could…legally.  Little did I know how marrying him would take me speeding along to a day like today.  Like today when one of our daughters would be 17 and working to pay for a ticket to fly internationally, and waiting for life to develop about her favorite missions dream, and all the other dreams of girls. Like today when the children would push me in the work and take charge of getting a picnic around for the evening meal in the woods on Elv’s job.

Have you ever wondered what it was that grabbed the tree and rolled it through the delimbing and cutting process? Here I am taking a picture from the back of the dinosaur of our picnic supper. 

Tailgate supper in the woods.

Those pine logs are 16 footers.  We speculated as to what they will be used as…have to ask Elv.

This is where you’ll find Elv 5 days a week all day long.

Drawing and please don’t notice.

Now this is strictly a pose and not a very good one.  Everybody is entirely too aware of how pretty she is. 

Wood violets and you CANNOT capture the color on camera…at least I can’t.

Dog tooth violets

Scouting for a bouquet of blossoms for Mom. 
Lance often says, “Mom, what are you thinking about…are you thinking about me?”  He doesn’t have a clue how much I think about him and pray for him and for his future. 

9 thoughts on “More Ordinary Adventures”

  1. I just had to comment on the picture of Lance. I have been amazed over and over at how much he looks like my brother. I know my Mom spends lots of time praying for my brother and his future as well.

    (Deloris's daughter)


  2. Hi Wendy,
    Uh! You make me wonder who else is lurking and reading these scribbles. Just in case, Hello Delores and all your children! 🙂


  3. Yeah I remember 17. For me though, it was a good age. All the fun of being an adult, with out the responsibility. And then I was nineteen, and Clark came along, and the rest was fast paced history. 🙂


  4. Seventeen was the best year for me too. I helped Lilly a lot. Felt free and happy with no big scary problems. Life was right. And that's when I started thinking about Dru…


  5. I liked your post, but it made me want to cry. I miss the picnics in the woods. Seventeen was my favorite year, like Lisl and Charlotte said. Happy Birthday to Lance too, and I miss him a lot.


  6. What a nice post. Happy birthday Lance. Our basement is ready for you if by any chance you decide to show up tomorrow or tonight. We'll even leave the door unlocked for you!
    Loved the pictures and about your life Arla. I look at my big sisters and always think about I want to be in “that” stage of life!. You must make it look nice at least! 🙂


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