Current Questions

~ How much does a cubic yard of gravel weigh? Elv called me from work to ask. Answers.com says it weighs 2700 pounds. He is brainstorming a dump trailer for gravel hauling.

~ Where are my paint brushes? I am cleaning the living room today and there is great need of touch up with both paint and varnish.

~ What will old white oak boards look like with the grey exterior planed off?  This question is rather exciting to me.  We came into possession of these boards to potentially turn them into countertop. Don’t laugh, it is being done.  Elv and I thought we were being so creative and original until we looked it up.  Lesson learned: If you can think of it; it’s been done.

~ How do you hem a cape? Frances made her first caped dress the other day and the hemming was very uneven and rough because I have never had occasion before to show her the trick.  Today is the day for 101 on cape hemming.

~ Why did ten police and three fire departments with their thermal imaging equipment get called out to the Res Monday night and “nothing” was going on?  We’d really like to know.  Not knowing opens up the ugly possibilities and we’d like to be reassured that it wasn’t/isn’t as bad as the imagination can conjure.

4 thoughts on “Current Questions”

  1. I always thought they were “cape” dresses. When I see “caped” dress, it conjures up images of a Mennonite Superman, leaping over buildings, faster than a speeding bullet. Or maybe it's the German Baptist style?

    We like reading your blog.


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