I just read Lucy’s blog again and was brought right up short…again. Her honesty always encourages me. She seems to have found the way to be honest and completely human without making us sort through the laundry so to speak.  I think of a lot of things to blog: feelings, ideas, frustrations and struggles, but I don’t really feel comfortable in the end to share them on blogspot.
I suppose I am overreacting to the no-holds-barred-tell-all that happens sometimes in the world of Facebook and Blogger. And the result is that I tend to come across as a “surface” person. And I am not. But I’ll admit that it is really easy to slide over the real stuff of life and simply talk about the daffodils.  It’s less bother and there are fewer words to eat and apologies to make.
Two years ago when I started blogging; I made a commitment to be an encourager and a helper in all that I posted. And I think I have been a little anxious to not feel too vulnerable on the one hand or preachy on the other. I really do want to aim better at what I started out to do in the beginning.
Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how to answer each one. Colossians 4:6
PS I’d be open to constructive criticism, as well. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Graciousness”

  1. Here's my first piece of constructive criticism!;) Don't put all of facebook in a box…there are only a few individuals who “tell all the world”…both blogspot and facebook can be used as the individual chooses! 🙂 I enjoy your thoughts on here though! Keep it up!


  2. Arla, thanks for your kind words here. I'm so glad I found you on the www. (And I hope you got my reply to your comment about raising girls on one of my last posts.)

    You know, the variety of blogs out there is good. I like hearing about the daffodils and I love your header and the beauty of your stone house.

    After I wrote that last post I had a lot of doubts about my wisdom in publishing it, which is normal for me. And I have a bit of a disclaimer started to balance it out. (I hope.) I DO always pray that somehow in my awkwardness I could bless someone who struggles in similar ways. But you're right–there's such a fine line between honesty and just letting-it-all-hang-out to the point of turning people off with neediness or vulnerability or whatever. And then of course there's the encouragement issue–that gracious speech seasoned with salt. And after my last post I thought of that verse and wondered if I actually encouraged anyone or just added to their doubts.

    I know that your are an encourager and I also know that you're not a surface person. This if funny: I was always kind of jealous of Laura because I think she got to know your family better than I did the year we taught at Northwoods. 🙂


  3. I did read your reply, Lucy, and was glad to get it because after I had commented,I was on my way to town when it dawned on me that your oldest is a boy, duh, and proceeded to feel really cheesy for having run off at the mouth on your lovely blog. Yeah well, what IS the aftermath for?! I am learning that letting written stuff cook awhile is SO much better than writing down the first thing that comes to mind and hitting the send button. Like I'm gonna do right now. 🙂


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