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Chipmunks Again

It was exactly one year ago to this very day that I posted about the chipmunks in the ceilings of our basement bedroom.  The running, somers-sualts. back flips, slides, and squeaks  over our heads began very early this morning around 2 AM.  Words like infestation amd pestilence come to mind. Brad shot many chipmunks last summer. Did they reproduce during the winter? So I have asked Elv to bring home a new box of Bounce dryer sheets tonight.  We’ll get them out of the house at least that way, but we’re going to set rat traps and be done with those critters altogether, we hope.
Then there’s the strawberry patch. You can’t beat the chippy’s to the patch.  They prefer the largest fruits partially ripened. Therefore we shall have to be entirely rid of the critters before strawberry pickin’ time.Wish me all the best in the earthly battles of this week.

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