Just Some Notes On Life At The Stone House

 ~ We had a few days of hot summer, but the northland cool weather has returned.
~ Yesterday we put up a worktable in the sitting room down stairs under the AC for scrapbooking.
~ And we took down a big, old bookcase in the process of making a   workspace. Charlotte has dreams of painting it white and having a place   for books and things in Benny’s room.

~ And we have plans to take about four big boxes of books and                                                                       dishes to the Salvation Army used shop.

                                                      ~ The girls and I cleaned a rental house today for Select                                                                                   Industries. It was hard work but the pay is good.  And the house is                                                                 much cleaner.
                                                      ~ Tomorrow I get to clean a very old, rustic log cabin on Lake Windigo.                                                         I hope to take Amy along and see if she will draw it for me again.
                                                      ~ All the trees are green, and I saw baby zinnias when I watered the                                                                garden this morning.

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