Lake Superior Winnowing

Elv and I parked the Jeep by the shore in Kitch-Gami park in Duluth last night.  It was about 48 degrees and the water was a grey green color in real life. I wondered why the camera picked up the blue that we couldn’t see. The seagulls thought we were bringing hand-outs and kept watchful eyes on us to be the first to respond. If we had thrown them food they would have squawked and squabbled noisily with one another till the last crumb disappeared.  But that’s not why we were there.  We were on a date and in the mood to sit and watch the waves.  I had my camera.  I am always on a hunt to get a good picture. I have taken hundreds of them and only a handful are really good, and even those, I am not sure of.  Elv’s comment about the waves, wind, and seagulls was that it was soporific.  At any rate, when life gets too busy to have time to sit and watch the waves; you know something has to change. Watching the waves helps us sort the important things from the chaff of our  lives! I would recommend it to anyone; but especially to those folks who believe that they have more important things to do than to watch Lake Superior waves.  Nobody’s work is SO important that they can’t take an hour to watch waves, a running river, or the wind playing over the hayfield. What a waste to build mansions and businesses and never really  live in them or reap the benefits.  

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