Family Minutes

How Did That Happen?

Despite best efforts, and convictions, and plans, things happen. Here’s an example.
   We found out that Brad has never had the MMR series of immunizations. He is twelve years old.  How did that happen?  He has had the chicken pox immunization, of all things, and polio, and HIB.  But not the MMR! I could care less about the chicken pox vaccine, but we DO care about getting the MMR series. I’m the lady making noises about people riding on the backs of those of us who get immunizations.  I’m the mom who makes herself obnoxious preaching to her grown children to get their children immunized. So today Brad, big boy that he is, got a shot in the arm…actually a shot in each arm.  He now has the current d Tap, and the first of two MMR shots. We are to return within 60 days for the second one.
    Here’s your reminder, moms, to get those children’s shots finished up. I’ll say this for our goofing up: Brad never whimpered a bit. 🙂

4 thoughts on “How Did That Happen?”

  1. That's crazy! Jube has one more shot to go and he's done with MMR! Beats the uncle this time. Which reminds me,I need to go look up when that appointment is.


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