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What’s Happening At Home

 Since the fabulous front loading washer is no longer functional we have been doing the laundry outdoors with the help of this old relic.  It is really quite efficient.  I can get the whole huge laundry on the line and drying in about 2 1/2 hours. Working over the open washer grabbing at the socks that need turning and scrubbing a little more soap into them for whitening is enjoyable to me. After years of pulling graying whites out of the front loader and no way to make a difference; I am no longer literally locked out of controlling how long the whites stay in the washer. Someone called while I was washing the other day and hoped that I wouldn’t eventually digress to the wash board.  I won’t.  We are planning to replace the automatic washer, but not a front loader please.

We’ve been doing the laundry with this faithful old Matag washer.

Sewing dresses this week.

Amy’s “new” serger that made our sewing project just fun.

 Amy had saved up a little money and decided that she wanted a serger.  So we found one listed on Craig’s List.  We took the day off to fetch it from over by “The Cities”.  We sewed up four dresses in the last two days, all with lovely finished selvage (or selvedge) edges.

We had the whole table set up in machines.  The hemmer was a joke. Does anybody know how to run one?
A huge white iris blooming with the others this year. 

     And Brad is getting paid to eliminate the rodents around here. That’s because we are tired of sharing our house with them. Frances counted six (6) squirrels playing in a tree near the house this morning. If you are one of those folks who believe squirrels to be cute critters to watch; please come and get as many as you like. They’re free for the taking.

1 thought on “What’s Happening At Home”

  1. I like these pictures. Someday I want to have big kids that do my work and I have time to watch and take pictures! 🙂 And tell them what to do of course! And how…..


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