Flowers and Praise

God Will Take Care Of You

 We found this glorious iris blooming with the others yesterday.  The rain had weighted the one stem of it down to the ground. Yesterday there was one white iris in full bloom and two buds on the same stem. By this morning another bud opened into this huge flower.
   The funny thing about this white iris (Lacey Snowflake) is that nobody remembers planting a new rhizome in our iris patch behind the house. And we would be delighted to know of any of you remembers giving us rootstock for a new iris. From where did this beauty come? I have decided that if God can give us a surprise beauty of this size and richness in the flowerbed; He can supply need in the rest of our lives in the same generous proportions without any extra help from us whatsoever. Praise The Lord. The verse I woke with this morning was: Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise.

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