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This Day In June

~ Havilah Glory was born this morning in Thailand to Dru and Lisl Lattin.  The name is creating some interest and exclamation in our world. Is it my fault for naming Lisl such an unusual name…maybe I started something? Aunt Eva called me when Lisl was three days old and said, “Don’t you dare change her name…they got used to Todd (the name she chose for her oldest son) and they’ll get used to Lisl’s name, too!” I’m with Eva and Lisl here; because the name Havilah is beautiful.

~ Today I picked the first respectable amount of strawberries out of the garden. Pies!
~ VBS is in process this week.  For the first time in many years the Native American children from the reservation nearby are coming each day.  If just one of those children finds the Lord from a seed sown this week; it will be well worth the hustle and bustle they create at VBS.
~And the rain continues.  We haven’t had such a lush June as this in years. The lawn needs mowing every week even on sandy soil in Hayward.  

5 thoughts on “This Day In June”

  1. I expect at least some of the “unusual” name comes from Dru (please note the spelling of his name, for example 🙂 and the influence of his weird parents 🙂 To say nothing of his active creativity.
    The strawberries are LOVELY!!! Makes my mouth water. Maybe I'll sneak out to your garden on Sunday 🙂 Susan (TAKE NOTE>>>Susan Posted!)


  2. I'm with you about the natives coming to VBS. We plant the seed – God gives the increase. I like that. And about names – kinda like how we wonder what Troy will come up with. Congratulations. Ruthie


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