Sunday Evening Picnic

We had a picnic last night at the Ojibwa Park with our two nieces from Sahth Cahrahlahnah.  They take a lot of ribbing for their drawl.  But, they pass it right back so it is okay.  

They brought a real watermelon for us.  Let’s have none of your wimpy, seedless tastless versions. This is the kind of watermelon on which you use the largest knife you own, simply because of its size. The only logical way to eat it is to cut it in nice wedges and eat it outside so that you can drip on the grass.  It was truly a tasty picnic watermelon. 

Elv wondered if we would want to picnic without facilities and have good privacy or would we like to have a few facilities and sacrifice privacy.  We picked facilities and ended up at the park with nobody else there anyway. We were a crowd all by ourselves. We had a yummy supper of haystacks and Strawberry and Blueberry Delights besides the melon.  

I don’t know what this is about.  But these two were a team.

Clown Cousins

This took a long time. 

But we finally ended up with this little moment of no open mouths and all open eyes, sorta.

Another one of the clowns I live with.

The whole gang.

The big boys had fun making this thing go round fast with the girls on board.

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