My August Garden

DSC00012How could I know that when we planted the garden this spring that we wouldn’t be home to enjoy it?  Fortunately Brad and I mulched it with cardboard and old hay so the weeds have not taken over.  Each weekend while we are home I feast with my eyes and gather bouquets for the table.DSC00010If any of you is driving by our StoneHouse anyway; please stop in and cut a bouquet for your table or your friend.  There is a pair of scissors in the kitchen can you may use if you wish.  Please, put the scissors back in there when you are done. I guess I don’t need to know how many of you will take me up on this, but it would be fun to know.

We’re studying the book of James in Sunday School right now. Chapter 1 advises that we ask for wisdom and not dally around with indecision. We ought to walk slowly and quietly enough through life to take time to acknowledge God in all our ways, but to keep walking…not to be waiting around kneeling at doorways, undecided about His will.  Like a wave, driven in the wind, tossed exactly describes indecision. There is no peace of mind in that. 

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