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Computer Woes Beset Me

It is not fun at all.  All my old familiar pages are gone.  Oh, the computer comes up just fine, but the “local profile” seems to be unable to load.  Which means that my desktop is all slick and clean and sterile. The picture of Jube and Hava are missing from the background. My pictures have totally disappeared unless I go into Picasa 3 where suddenly they all come marching out of the shadows to appear on that program… only to be gone again when I shut down the computer. 

My bookmarks have all gone into hiding, too.  And if I want to see my personal google pages I have to sign in fresh each time.  The drop-down is empty and impersonal.  In short, nothing is familiar or mine when I open up the computer.  Memoryless computers are frustrating! 

It’s been ages since the batteries have taken a charge.  So if the cord gets bumped or the electricity hiccups the computer crashes.   Could that be why things aren’t working so well by now?

Someone dumped coffee on the key board last week and some of the keys are still suffering the after effects of that…kind of sticky.  The coffee dump doesn’t really matter…I don’t expect to be able to use it much longer, anyway.  

The lid has been floppy for years…yes, really.  If I am the only one handling it the screen stays on nicely. But if some other unsuspecting user comes along and attempts to sit down with MY computer, the screen goes blank/black and that’s that.  I kinda like this feature.  It serves them right, messing with my laptop! 

The only cure to all these ills is a new computer.  I don’t WANT a new computer.  I want the old one to stay working.  I dislike new phones, cars, computers, watches, cameras…  I am frustrated with “planned obsolescence”.  If my current stuff works I am completely content. It seems like such a waste of time and dollars to go through this many different gadgets in one life time.  Gimme one good tool and I’ll use it forever.   

Okay, all you computer gurus.  I am looking for a computer with a tough body that will last, say, ten years, or so.  I need lots of memory/space for pictures.  I have the Word program that I will load onto it.  Make The Cut is saved onto a flash-drive and will be installed.  I need good WIFI, a card reader, a DVD drawer, a web-cam, and a coffee resistant keyboard.  If the skin could be pink or periwinkle blue in color, that would a nice little perk. I don’t have a lot of money, but I’d prefer a brand spanking new model.  

6 thoughts on “Computer Woes Beset Me”

  1. Honestly, you should buy my thinkpad 🙂 Or get your own…they don't have planned obsolescence like a Dell or HP. They have coffee-resistant keyboards, all the regular stuff, and very, very high-quality bodies.

    The other day, we were looking at desktop computers, and there was a used laptop shop next door. 75% of their ancient stock was Thinkpads. They are the only computers that keep on lasting and lasting.

    The keyboards are also really nice. Lisl (and I) much prefer the Thinkpad keyboard over the decent full-size desktop keyboard.

    You can get a decent Thinkpad for $600 new. Is that too much? Don't buy it at this site without looking around, but it shows you options.

    You could buy a used or new one on Ebay, too. This looks sufficient, and new:

    The only reason I'm displeased with my Thinkpad is because of the lower-end processor they snuck in. I should have understood the specs more fully. But it works great for photos, writing, web browsing, etc. Just not graphic design while running seventeen other programs.

    You're welcome 🙂


  2. It think you'd like Dru's Lenovo thinkpad. It's got a LOVELY keyboard on it. Buy one that's more “tanky” than Dru's though…his is too sleak and cool to be clunked around as much you'd want to be able to with your house travels and stuff, only he might not agree with that. I like his Lenovo a lot, lot. -Lisl


  3. It sounds like you have the same problem everyone else does….. You want the best for a lot less. Try tying yourself to a desktop for awhile. Unless you HAVE to have a laptop, you can get far more for far less. We just got a couple of workstations (used off of ebay) at work that have 4GB Ram, 2.99 Dual Core processor, and 750GB hard drives for under $300.00 each. Those specs would do anything you need to do for a long, long time. Granted you'd need several long extension cords and they'd be kind of heavy to sit on your lap, and I'm not sure where you'd put the keyboard, screen, and mouse….


  4. Am I to take the hint here and plan to settle for a refurbished laptop? Or what? No, Gabe, I do not want a desktop laptop. Thanks.

    I don't care much about sleek and cool, though, so that's a plus, I guess.


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