Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Elv and Frances are enjoying renovating The Beast (one little ole Sidekick).

A pot of glorious mums from my friend Susan.  It’s perfect for the front door at Heartwood.  Frances and I have decided to bring it in for winter and coax it.

The flowers in our garden are beautiful this year. We are taking lots of pictures and cutting bouquets.  Clark I wish you come take some cottage garden pictures for me to look at next midwinter when I need a lift.

These machines attract a lot of attention on this particular job.

         So yes, home is where ever we are at the moment these days.  This past week we had sewing, scrapbooking, reading, and schoolwork for our occupations while the men worked.  Johns and Jakes came out to supper with us on Wednesday evening.  What richness, to have company again.  On Thursday we found a conservation tower that stands at the top of a high hill.  Even on the ground you can see out for miles.  No we didn’t climb it. 

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