Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat Part Two

Top of the china cabinet redo.  I had time to clean at home in TheStoneHouse today.  Besides playing around with this, I tried Amy’s Pizza Sauce and now there are 13 cute little pint jars of beautiful sauce. (Pint jars are so amazingly tiny and quaint, after quarts and half gallons jars for years of canning.) The pictures I took of them are garish due to the blue towel, so you’ll just have to imagine you can see them.

I thought I liked those critters up there, but after looking at these pictures, I took them down.  They remind me of Thailand and those people we love living there, so I keep them…but not on the china cabinet afterall.

The famous Mallow that we plant every year from last year’s seeds. 

The garden from my desk window.

     Now you have it.  Scenes from both the places we hang our hats these days.  It does a lot for the stranger and pilgrim concept.
    Next week all of our children will be gone from home for a few days.  It will be just Elv and I at home/work.  Just us for meal times, and devotions.  While Elv is at work I will be home alone.  One of my friends said, “Oh my, I’m sorry, ” when I told her.  Wait! I was kind of looking forward to it.  I guess I am selfish.  But just think.  I’ll have hours to write or scrapbook without interruption. This is priceless!  Let’s hope I CAN write and plan layouts.  Maybe it will be so quiet that I’ll be jumpy and tense.  Isn’t that pathetic?  It is a sure sign that I have never really had 3 days of solitude! I have never WANTED solitude before.  Is it okay to look forward to this much quiet? 
    So I have been chasing this guilt around, desiring to keep this chance and not let it go. I keep thinking how I will fill  it with “profitable” occupation. 

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