My Thankful List

    Elv gently reprimanded me yesterday.  You’re a different woman now that we’ve decided to change the schedule back to fewer hours.  Okay, I admit it.  I’m pleased about that decision, inordinately so.  We had further bantering discussion about how he ought to have married a woman who wanted money more than time together.  We’re both happy that he married me!
    Those of you my friends who were in the back ground the last four months tsking over my “unnecessary” stress over his long hours can go ahead and do that.  I am shamelessly delighted to have it over with.  Yes, that sentence is ungrammatical. But “over with” is what I mean so it is what I write.  Elv’s theory of language usage works for me in this case. Which is: as long as I am communicating to you what I mean, it doesn’t really matter about grammer, so there.!
   But, back to my list.  I am thankful for these lovely fall days.  October weather is reaching in to November and not letting go. I suppose we’ll pay for this, but while it lasts, we are enjoying it.
    I’m thankful for Saxon Math for our 15 year old.  I have taught Math for almost 8 years with Abeka.  This new Math is just plain fun.  Not only do you learn the how of Math you get to finally learn the why of Math.
    I am grateful for a new computer, too.  Lance walked in and handed me a new still in the box computer the other day saying, “I love you, Mom.”  No, Aunt Amy, he didn’t do it to impress anyone.  Just me, I guess.  And I am.  I have work stacked up to do on my computer…now I can do it.
   I am thankful for dry pine for firewood this time of year.  There’s nothing like a snappy fire in the stove on a grey blustery day in November.
   I am thankful for work for Frances, at last. She gets to teach two first graders several days a week and three other children piano once a week.  Yes, it means that I have to get out of the house and chauffeur her about till she gets her license in January, but that’s okay.
   Then there’s the usual things that people generally say they are thankful for like a good husband, our children, the wonderful grandchildren, health, home, friends, and Salvation.  I AM very thankful for all these things, too.  But most of all I am glad to FEEL thankful again for all our blessings.

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