Ramblings From The Scribbler

         Gone are the blue skies of October. And now are the grey skies of November. Lawn chairs and outdoor grillings have been abandoned. It’s too cold for evenings of patio fires.  The flower foliage stands dead and soggy in the garden. We’re in that inbetween time of putting autumn away and before taking the holidays out for the 2011 rendition. 
        We went shopping last night in Rice Lake. Can you believe it? Christmas has already arrived at KMart and Farm & Fleet, at least the commercial version of it. What a waste.  We haven’t had a go at Thanksgiving yet! I still have carrots to dig. All their hurry won’t change a thing about the calendar.  We’ll take the proper amount of time there is to savor today and the rest of fall, so there.
         Here are some leftovers I found on picture files of this fall.

 Have you all seen this one before? I like this picture. The only way to get a really great picture of Elv is when he has no clue it is happening.  He was quickly fueling the machine prior to a walk in the woods with the family. 

 And a random picture of our front door a few weeks ago.  Now the geranium is inside gracing the entry with lots of blooms.  The trick to blooms is Miracle Grow for Blooms. Thought you might like to know that.

 This one is just to show you that dead foliage has a certain beauty, too.  You can find beauty almost anywhere if you care to look for it.  Same is true for happiness….in the eye of the beholder, you know.

 More.  Okay, so I was playing with ordinary Arla caliber pictures on Picasa 3 and discovered the warmify and saturation options.  Ummm, you camera geeks…isn’t that a little lame?

 Just like a magazine picture.  This is from our annual Copper Falls excursion.  Clark got a lot more and better pictures than I did with my relic of a camera.


5 thoughts on “Ramblings From The Scribbler”

  1. Enjoyed the Autumn-y pictures! Makes me miss home 🙂

    And I thought you did a nice job editing them too, not too much saturation, but enough to make them “pop” a bit more. On the other hand, the blurring hurt my eyes.


  2. There's another type of November day that I really like. It's the cool, bright sunny one where there's actually a bit of sun glare off of everything man-made. The absence of leaves gives the world an open look. Even the fact that everything is dead and brown isn't unpleasant on such a day.


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