In The Quiet

It is getting late and everyone is going off to bed.  I am sitting here in the tidied living room alone. My very low music and the gurgle of the fish tank for my solace.  It feels almost too quiet after a week of having Dru and Lisl and babies here. On the one hand I am enjoying a chance to unwind here behind the computer screen, scribbling. On the other hand it feels a bit empty.

One day, Jube (2 1/2) reasoned with me, “Let me think.” when I suggested that he might not wish to play in the firewood rack by the stove.  It caught me off guard to be honest. I really don’t think he had to consider whether or not he ought to get away from the hot stove. It was more of a parroting of a parent or an older playmate, I am sure.  Maybe he was stalling, who knows. But I think I’ve done that with God before. 

This week with Dru’s here was busy and full of baby care.  Jube was sick, I was sick, Elv was sick and worked anyhow, Lisl was sick, Lance was sick and worked anyhow, too, and Amy cried one day when I asked her to do something. We finally decided that Jube’s goopy eyes was good enough reason to take him to the doctor, Dorcas. Dr.Kelly prescribed antibiotics for a double ear infection and drops for the eye infection. Jube got better, some of the rest of us are still waiting to do that.

When Dru’s came off that plane Sunday morning they appeared in Thailand appropriate flip flops and jackets at the MSP airport in Minnesota, where the snow was still a foot deep or so.  We met them with coats, shoes, and carseats for the babies. First thing Monday we went to the used shops and bought some much needed boots, and clothing.  While we sweated all week and kept the fires going, they shivered.  Jube wore the winter coat I had borrowed for him all day long on Monday… in the house, that is.

Lisl claimed that Elv and I hadn’t changed an iota adding that she certainly has changed a lot. I think the opposite is true. We know we’ve changed/gotten a bit older, while she is still the same sunshine to live with as ever. I miss her already this evening with them gone to his folks for a week now.

Havilah became Havee, Havileelah, Halla, or Halee while we got acquainted with her for the first time. She’s a sweet baby. Of course, I wouldn’t be a bit prejudiced.

What we got accomplished this week was more along the lines of Lisl’s life and responsibility.  We took care of babies and meals and clean-up, over and over and over. I enjoyed it but I’ll admit that I’m glad my personal baby days are over. It amazes me that when needs come up the old instinctive mother skills come back to me. I am humbly grateful for this. So while I’d like to learn website optimization and building today, I can still remember from yesteryear that sick babies need more fluids than food. I held babies and read books to Benny and Jube this week instead of working on my computer.

In the morning sermon, Dru talked about how each of us has a ministry/mission in life. Culture and missions is a big subject at this house when the married children come home.  We are learning Native American culture and Thai culture while living in the United States in our own special mix of American/middle class/Christian/Mennonite culture.  We live a rich and varied life. I intend to enjoy it well!

                                                      Havilah Glory at 9 months.


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