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Not In My Kitchen

I found this article today in one of my searches on how to create a replacement window screen.  It is definitely time for lists of projects. I have spring fever.

The article claims that we all have dangerous, toxic bugs hanging off the fridge door handle and everywhere else you’ve touched the last five minutes, in your food, and all over the counters, etc. Here’s my formal, not so humble opinion of such claims.

The article was NOT written for stay-at-home moms who spend  parts of every day in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up for meals.  No, I do not believe that I have mold growing in my kitchen unless it is IN the fridge and I really work on making sure that is not so, as well.  No, I do not have E coli! of all things in my kitchen. Yuck! I surely hope not. When I bring raw chicken to the sink for cleaning and prep I do have, temporarily, salmonella bacteria in my kitchen, most likely, for a few minutes. But by the time I’ve finished and all that chicken is ready to be cooked/baked/or fried, old Sam and Ella have been killed dead with hot soapy water and bleach.  The meat is safely in or on the pan and in an hour or so Sam and Ella have expired in the oven, as well.

Changing out the dishrag every day and keeping the laundry done up will certainly keep our areas germ free. And did they mention in the article that the high setting on the dryer kills a lot of germs?

 The article goes for folks who eat at home a few times a week and where mom and dad both work away from home. Of course, there’s mold and crawlies in the kitchen if nobody is there to clean and cook all day long.  Mom was right when she said to get right at the dishes after the meal is done. “The sooner we get the work done the sooner we can play.”

While I’m at it, here’s a tip for you.  Using green laundry soap and softeners will keep your wash cloths from smelling badly.  Kill the smell with a cup of ammonia in your next laundering and never buy another bottle of non green soap.  Not only will your wash stay sweet and clean; your sewer won’t be building up with a lot of clogging gunk that won’t break down. Purex has a “green” soap that works nicely.

8 thoughts on “Not In My Kitchen”

  1. for all your smart living and what not…you would think you'd be kinder about the great virtues of Melaleca products! I had the sickest sticky towels and rags until I switched to their laundry soap. And I can buy one concentrate of cleaner that is equivalent to 6 bottle of other cleaner…less plastics and works much better and the smell doesn't hit the nose like ammonia. Just thought maybe you'd want to know all that…… But I can't gaurantee that I don't have germs in my kitchen or such places….with my boys coming in and out of the house after digging in the chicken coop or digging for worms or whatever. And then they don't have any qualms about touching anything in my house. Ya, I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of sick germies in my house.


  2. Great comment, Amy. You're on to something there about the boys and germs. It's actually not as bad as they like to tell you. In fact a few germs gives us healthier immune systems after all. But I'd like to research this a bit before I say something really stupid here. In the meantime, I actually thought of your favorite brand of green stuff and I'll give a thumbs up on it right here. I'm just one of those Americans in a rut shopping at Wal-mart.


  3. or you could make your own laundry soap…:) it “probably” does the same thing and is “probably” a lot cheaper (“probably” means I haven't actually tried the “green” stuff so I cant truly compare the two)But I've been making my own for about three years now-it works great for everything, even diapers!


  4. I discovered that Walmart sells a green laundry soap called “Ecos” and it works much better for my diapers than Purex and is just about as economical. Borax works good for killing smells too, in laundry. I think that hanging it on the line in the sun is the best way to make laundry smell good, especially diapers. Can you tell that I do a lot of diaper laundry?
    I always think of you every time I do chicken. You trained me well I think. JMB


  5. Those “dangerous, toxic bugs” have become more of a problem because of the over use of antibacterial products. You are right on when you say a good cleaning with soap and water will take care of most of the problem. A good immune systerm will take care of most of the germs we come in contact with. My mom probably never heard of salmonella and e-coli back in the day…and I don't remember us getting sick very often.


  6. I read an article some time ago that said that those dangerous drug-resistant germs in the hospital can not survive when they are forced to compete with ordinary germs and bacteria. They are actually weak and require the protection of a super clean environment to survive.


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