Current Projects Just For Fun

It has been so busy at home with The Thailand People here with us. I know you all have heard and seen only about them lately.  But having our daughter and her family home for a few weeks after almost two years is BIG.  We have enjoyed every moment of it.
      This week they have gone off to the North Shore gallivanting and visiting the other parents and siblings.  So it has been quiet for a couple days. And suddenly I could take naps easily…I never do, but for once I think I could and not pay at three in the morning.
      It is too cold to garden, although the green grass and budding leaves have their certain allure to come out and look over the iris beds, and lilac buds. So I tackled the Old Chair Project that Lisl  got me started on week before last.
      They brought it up from the “back room” and we all started tearing off the old blue covering. It turned out to be a knuckle skinning project, to be sure. It was not very long until the girls were back to baby minding and I was left alone to yank, pound, scrape, and rip until I had the chair sort of cleared of the general debris.
      Dru collected tools, screws, glue, and courage and worked on sturdifying the bones of it.  I won’t even tell you in what condition are the bones. Suffice it to say that this a ladies-only chair and not for romping or rampaging about by children, either, although Dru did the best possible job for what he had to work with.
      Okay, girls, I did cave in and paint it white. I admit, I have been influenced by the latest trend.  Elv bought a perfect little can of white paint of which there is a lot left and I might lose my self respect even more and splash it about on more surfaces. I was so proud of his choice of paint.  And doesn’t it look good on our poor little chair? Now, I only need to find some more used-shop chintz and create some squishy pillows and tie them on with very large, luxurious muslin bows. I’ll show you one day.
      Another fun project was to develop and frame the picture of Jube and Gwen swinging. It is a perfect companion to our rocker, besides being a successful capture of two sweet grandbabies.
      Elv and I went on a dinner date last night. After a nice quiet time at Norske Nook where they actually serve gluten free meat and taters, we went to GoodWill to browse in the books.  I found this lovely book.
3-DSC00066-001  The illustrations are wonderful and the book is full of information and more detailed illustrations in the margins.


      Elv and I waited entirely too long to have a date.  I have a hunch that a lot of couples in the busy-ness of living need more dates. We didn’t even need to get a baby sitter. We had no good excuse. We just found ourselves hustled along and before long we were like a woods trail each on our own tire track, always parallel but not really being together. It takes effort and planning to stop that kind of living for a date now and then.
      And last but not least, I have been scrapbooking again. I have a few years of pictures left to go of the old stacks.  After that I think I ought to just get this blog printed, don’t you?


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