Some Days Are To Be Gotten Through

Like today.
    An old friend moved back to our community today and I haven’t had a chance to go welcome her home. This evening, I will!
    VOM’s Tom White committed suicide this morning. Of all people!  He was a great man of God! Why?
    I am babysitting grandbabies today.  Halla needs to be held. Jube has been next to angelic. Really!
    Our two scholars at home have been studying in their rooms every day where I can’t see or hear or talk to them. Today was no different. I miss them!
    It’s raining. The lawn is shaggy in spots, mossy in others, and the pine cones that we didn’t collect are disappearing into the growing grass.  I forgot to buy lawn mower gas. Brad doesn’t mind.
   There are little piles of other people’s belongings living in the corners of our house right now. Messy but happy messy!
   The tiller is stranded over at Clark’s and the weeds are taking over the strawberry bed. The waiting garden is getting to me. Dreaming of rows of flowers and tomatoes, again.
   Dorothy Mullet’s status says that she has 15 pints of fish on her kitchen counter. I have been dreaming of canned fish all winter and I wonder how she came to be the one canning fish instead of me!

3 thoughts on “Some Days Are To Be Gotten Through”

  1. I think I'll cut and copy. I could have written your post. And the fact that it's 90 degrees out and my garden needs tilled so I can plant my garden makes it a little worse…(But my tiller is too big for me and it's at the shop of course).


  2. Well the fish came to be because we have a great neighbor who loves to go fishing and take my boys with him. After Ross tasted the canned fish he declared he was going to get me several more buckets full. I sure hope so.


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