What’s Happening At Home


The paper whites frame the old stone house just now. I don’t remember when we planted these flowers as bulbs, in fact, I nearly tilled them out one day several years ago. Maybe they needed to have the soil disturbed, because each spring since then they’ve given us quite a show.

Elv has decided that our tree/hedge idea is a failure. I suppose as a hedge it IS a failure, but I am enjoying the bit of screen they do provide and the texture is interesting, too.

If any of you needs or desires to have hosta, please come over this fall and I’ll give you buckets of root systems. They’re indestructible and by next spring we won’t be able to tell from where you took yours. Besides yours will look like this within the first year!

The garden is planted, except for the tomato plants.  We used a seeder this year for everything but the flower seeds. In no time at all we had rows of peas and  beans and carrots, etc.

Dru’s flew away from our land today. Becky Peters took them to the airport this morning. It feels terribly sad for me.  Lisl told me yesterday that THEY were positively giddy about getting back on that plane Thailandward. Which is a good thing. Home is always best.

Mother’s Day is coming right up. My mom says she doesn’t like all the hullaballoo one bit!  And I love it! My mom certainly deserves hullaballoo if anyone does, though. So Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom.

1 thought on “What’s Happening At Home”

  1. Thank you so much for the information on that lawyer's desk! We always wondered, and now we know! I'm also glad because in coming here to thank you, I have found your blog and am enchanted immediately just by the header. I intend to venture around a bit. What a wonderful place to live!


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