Thank You! To My Indulging Children

This year I wanted only one thing!
Real bicycles are back.  You know the kind that you can sit up straight and tall and survey the passing scenery with the wind in your face and peddle up the hills and coast them down. Love biking! Bikes are back, baskets, pretty paint, real leather covered seats that sit comfortably, buddy bar in back and honest, really-there fenders! Woohoo!
So I coveted one. Of course, I didn’t have to make as much noise as I did (they would have caught on with a lot less hoopla from me), but I am SO impressed. And when I am impressed about something, I wear out everyone’s patience saying so at every opportunity, or non opportunity.
They came home with roses and the bike on Saturday evening. It rides beautifully just as I thought it would. Now, to get a bike for Elv and each of the children.

8 thoughts on “Thank You! To My Indulging Children”

  1. I love your bike! I want one, too, but since I don't have children I suppose I will have to buy one myself. 🙂 Connie Stoll


  2. Now Arla, Sid and you can ride together; he bought a new bike a few months ago too. He bought just a ordinary bike, no 3 speed and all such nonsense. I have an old 3 speed that I keep in the gear I like and have a fine time.. We are old fashioned people and do not need all the inconvenient new stuff.


  3. I'm crawling out of the internet bushes long enough to say…
    …”this post sounds a whole lot like your late Aunt Eva”…

    I like it and it makes me smile. 🙂



  4. Ah yes, if I rode enough to warrant it, I'd probably replace my mountain bike with one of those balloon tire, old fashioned ones too. Of course, not having ridden once in two or three years I can't say much. Hope you enjoy it thoroughly.


  5. Arla, I'm with you about the bike. I'm also asking for a fishing pole. Unusual for 45, (oops, 46). The roses are beautiful. We get our identity from the love around us. Did you ever think about this?
    If people around you love you; you are built up, honored, validated in many ways. When people around you do otherwise you are torn down, erased, and humiliated. But the real truth is that God's love for us gives us the lasting real identity as persons. This is why we need to love the unlovable. For when we were yet sinners, Jesus died for us(them).


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