Evening Table

We were supposed to get rain today, but all those grey clouds had only a few spatters of rain in them. The patio was wet only momentarily.

The strawberries are loaded/white with blossoms this year. I talked with Elv on the phone while I watered them this morning. He has something big in his world to work through just now and while I was listening a ruby throated hummingbird hovered over the strawberry bed and enjoyed the shower.  It seems to me that if God can take care of that little sparkling bird; He can certainly take care of our troubles, too.

The boss fired up the third laser machine for me today. I was more than keeping up with two of them. This is a good thing. I worked on three different kits today: the purple butterfly, a picture frame, and a giraffe.

We are actually going out to Idaho to help my folks celebrate their 50th anniversary next week.  After working through the whole gamut of sorrows because we couldn’t go; the tide suddenly turned so that now we ARE going after all. Everybody is excited to say the least. Actually for as much prayer as we had into the Idaho project we shouldn’t be so surprised, right? Both our bosses were super good about us going on short notice. Let’s just say that everything fell into place without any nudging whatsoever.

Two more thoughts. 1. Why is it that we think if someone doesn’t do right we don’t have to love them? When Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners! I’m guilty. And hopefully repentant. 2. My current pet peeve is when you read this blog and then go over to FB and make your comment there. Please comment here, okay?


4 thoughts on “Evening Table”

  1. I'm commenting here!!! Your pictures are beautiful Mom. And my thought is this: If people would put as many prayers into situations where someone is wrong as they do into things like um, trips, lost things, health needs, ect. would there be as many wrong people?


  2. Hi Mom, I am so glad that you guys can go to Idaho after all. Your roses are beautiful and sometime I would like to see those kits that you make.
    I love you. JMB


  3. Enjoy your trip. We're in CO enjoying the grand-boys out here. I'm so sorry I missed you Sunday when you were at church. I didn't even realize you were at church, till Linda told me later. I feel so bad that I didn't get to visit with you.


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