A June Posting

DSC00063                        2012-06-07 20.06.44 

There are always bouquets of flowers now on our tables here at home.

Of Abbey’s house.  We helped Abbey move into a house sitting job last week. We moved in a bare minimum of needs in furniture and ktichen gadgetry and planted a wee garden in the back yard.

2012-06-08 18.34.57                 2012-06-08 18.35.02

2012-06-08 18.35.53                     2012-06-08 18.36.41

2012-06-08 19.34.26    2012-06-08 18.35.45    

In the evening Elv and Noah showed up to help us have her first cookout at the new house.  I am afraid we filled the street up with cars and pickups and made plenty of noise and action in the yard, too. 

                                                  2012-06-07 20.06.54      Other current events include the much anticipated and enjoyed Children’s Ministry Seminar given by Rueben Stolzfus and Jeff Barker.  We sort of crammed a lot of seminar into a very small space of time, but with lots of discussion and good information and a strong mission emphasis we came away packed full and over flowing.  The Barkers stayed with us at our house. We had a bit of time for visiting and time for canoeing first thing Monday morning before they left for breakfast with other friends. So that’s how we finally got to meet the people who have hosted our children each year when they went to Bible School in PA. Mary Rose remembers the name and face of each of the young folks who has stayed in their home and she continues to be interested in where he or she is today.  

We have merged into the full stream of summer work and play.  The garden is up and needing weeding. I failed to water one of my treasured hanging pots in the sweltering weather we had last week so it cooked to a shriveled death. Very sad.    The strawberries are bearing amazingly so now we have pints of jam cooling on the counter this morning and a prospect for more before the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “A June Posting”

  1. This is the time of year in WI that I miss. Only Dru told me the other day that it was only 50 degrees in Hayward. That part I don't miss. But the strawberries and flowers–this I do miss. I wanted to buy some geraniums but I think I'll have to wait until January when the weather's right for them. I have one lonely strawberry plan that may pull through until cold season again, but it's been so sadly wrong weather for strawberries here right now, that the rest of them died. Looks like Abbey has a nice little house and I wish she'd post about it.


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