The Latest Summer Minutes

9-July 1, 2012

The garden is growing in this heat with watering. We might have peas to pick on Wednesday, but the tomatoes are very sad over there on the trellis. First we had too much rain, I think, for tomatoes and now we have too much heat.  They are spindly with very little foliage. They look ugly and pathetic. We shall lime the garden before putting it to bed for winter.

Yes, the heat. We’re in the 90’s today, which Wisconsinites consider to be not only almost unbearable, but also dangerous. So we are hiding away under our one-room AC’s taking our projects/work with us.

We have computer work, scrapbooking, reading, and the laundry in the next room to keep going. Nothing of homemaking or work is lost in weather like this, though, because we just take it all with us and operate out of this one place.  The rest of the house stays tidy and unused, except the kitchen. Someone tackles the kitchen once a day, early or late, avoiding the heat to keep it clean.

And finally, Frances is set to fly to Thailand in August. There was no trauma this time. No umpteen phone calls to find connections with others flying to accompany her.  No problems with any plans. No bad feelings from this anxious mom.  We made three phone calls, the last being to pay for the ticket. She found a lovely luggage set at the used shop last week. She is all set in every way. And I am delighted to have her go this time. The visa work can begin because we actually have travel dates.

One more thing, Elv will be working about two miles from home this week. Amazing!

4 thoughts on “The Latest Summer Minutes”

  1. 90 degrees–dangerous–giggle giggle from this side of the globe. I consider 85 to be very livable. Seriously, I do so hope that Frank is okay and adjusts to the weather okay. -Lisl


  2. No, you don't understand. We don't expect 90*+ weather in Wisconsin. So we are not equipped for it. Most ordinary houses do not have central air. People come to northern Wisconsin to cool off by the lake, especially for the 4th. Well, this year they might have done better staying at home in their city homes with central AC. And I might add, our weather is not enhancing their attitude in trying to navigate through our little town of Hayward. The girls and I decided today after watching cars turn out in front of other slow moving cars, completely illegally, to get to where they were impatient to go, and other such antics, that we prefer, much prefer, our own polite and gentle Native Americans for folks in town.


  3. I'm agreeing here! 🙂 but yes, i'm sure w/out an a/c that would be quite miserable! in fact i know it is! in Nicaragua i'm thinking it was everybit of that all the time and we didn't have a/c except at night in the bedroom where us girls stayed….


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