American Independence

     This July 4th comes at a time when we have been reconsidering our trust in the American judicial system. We are learning to put our trust in God more than ever instead. Yet, I am thankful for the freedoms we still have. How long will we have them? 
                        6-2012-07-05 08.32.46
The most important thing is to pray for our country and to teach our children and grandchildren of a better country and to live for God, trusting in Jesus as our Savior.  We must also hide God’s Word in our hearts today against tomorrow’s dangers and persecutions.
The most popular spot in our house right now is downstairs in the sitting room where we have AC. So everything happens here.  Meals, projects, visiting, reading or just cooling off.
03-2012-07-03 18.12.10       04-2012-07-03 18.14.5605-2012-07-03 18.22.45             10-2012-07-02 20.37.59
06-2012-07-02 20.39.28     07-2012-07-02 20.39.16
08-2012-07-02 20.38.35                 

01-2012-07-02 20.40.4809-2012-07-02 20.38.25

11-2012-07-02 20.37.23            02-2012-07-02 20.44.32
S’mores After Children’s Ministry Evening.  The usual crowd.
5-July 2012

2 thoughts on “American Independence”

  1. I like how you worded 'to teach our children of a better country!'' I thank God for our freedoms of life and how long we will have it I do not know. People died for this freedom but Jesus died for our eternal freedom. Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ our Lord. Grandma Ruth


  2. Mom, thanks for all of the pictures. You need to post pictures more often. When I get big, I want to make my home as safe and comforting to my children, friends, and community, as you have to yours. Thanks, Mom.


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