Fireworks 2012

         Our family has not had a traditional place where we go to watch the annual fireworks.  One year we set up lawn chairs in a neighbors field with friends right by our vans and swatted mosquitoes galore. It was nice being so close to home and bed that late at night when it was done. Another year we said phooey on fireworks and went fishing and picnicking up on Duck Pond Road instead. We have pictures of that evening.  Amy and Frank are dressed in look-alike plaid jumpers and the camera caught lots of lovely things of water, the dam, them, and the canoe.
Last year we were in Silver Bay, MN for fireworks with The Lattins. So we took snacks, lawn chairs, blankets and our cameras. What you do traditionally is to take supper and sparklers of your own and make a whole evening of it starting early. The green by the library, across from Zups fills up with the whole town of families doing the same things you are doing.  Small town stuff.
This year we piled into two vehicles and headed north to Canal Park in Duluth at 7:30 in the evening. On the way up we watched the clouds make quite a show of the sunset. By the time we got into Superior we decided to try parking near Barker’s Island instead of negotiating the detour that is around the bridge, just now. Besides, the DECC was bound to be so full of cars and people we’d hardly be able to find a space. Well, the decision to stop by Barker’s Island was a good one.  We found parking for the cars and a boardwalk for the lawn chairs beside the water across which we had a lovely view of the city “set on a hill which cannot be hid”, Duluth. The lights were great without the fireworks, all glittering along the shore with the occasional smaller bright colored fireworks flaring up here and there. It was only 75 degrees with a lovely breeze and no bugs.  Families with children and dogs lined up along with us to watch or visit. The older man next to us commented that America in all her liberal ways still enjoys liberty and fireworks.
These are Clark’s pictures. He set his tripod up and spent the time working on taking pictures. He said he was disappointed in how they came out, but I think they’re just right.  There is water between where we are sitting here and the city lights in front of us.


2 thoughts on “Fireworks 2012”

  1. I am glad you watched from the city on the hill by the shores of Gitchee Gumee, by the shining big sea water. Someday I would like to do this.


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