In The Garden

     2012-07-10 18.30.03 

       We put the “wedding arch” in the garden this year. No weddings in sight anyway, and we needed somthing new and different this year.

                                             2012-07-10 18.47.06
2012-07-10 18.47.15          2012-07-10 18.47.21          2012-07-10 18.47.58

      We planted flowers and vegetables and tomatoes this year.  The tomatoes are a sorry sight and I have no hope of seeing them improve.  I put this picture of them on here just to show you how nicely I’ve wasted the trellis this year trying to make impressive tomatoes.

                     2012-07-10 18.48.12

      From this angle the garden looks better. We will be having to can green beans just about the time we hope to go up to the cabin to fix the mud hole in two weeks. 
                   2012-07-10 18.48.24      2012-07-10 18.49.56

The wild grapes are climbing everywhere, creating a lovely, solid screen between us and the road. My favorite thing!

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