One Of Those Days

   I am glad today will soon be over.  Not that anything bad happened…it was just a day when I could cry over things.  Things that tomorrow won’t seem like anything.  “Horror Moans” is what our daughter-in-law says. Aren’t we all glad that our salvation is not gauged by how we feel?

   We split up first thing this morning and the children went over to ‘you-pick’ Charlotte’s sweet corn and I had the house to myself to take phone calls, do dishes, and plan the day.  While they were in the corn patch over at Joe’s it dumped down rain here so that I had to wait to pick the green beans.

Green beans and corn in the same week, hmmm. Is that odd? So has our Wisconsin summer been odd. Finally, it is blessedly cool.  In fact, we are seeing leaf color here and there.

Frances called for me to come pick up Brad and Amy when they were done husking the corn and she headed on down to help Charlotte process it. Brad and Amy helped me for a while but then disappeared. Yeah, it was Monday.  I found Brad reading Narnia down in my sitting room, and Amy upstairs napping off the weekend.

Eventually, we got down to the work. I canned 5 quarts of green beans and Amy cut and arranged blocks for another comfort top. This one is all denim and will fit a queen bed easily. Brad ran errands and read Narnia between. And I cut out two more dresses to sew.

Elv called a couple of times to say things to me just to see how they sounded, I guess. He has a lot of time to think and process ideas.  I talked with Jenny on the phone and now I miss her some more. Talked to Susan too, who apologized for being “flat” today.  I would even opt for flat feeling.

After supper of Amy’s meatloaf and mashed taters with Brad and Amy, Brad read aloud to us out of a little book from Dot,  A Present Help by Marie Monsen.  The moral of the story was how God’s timing is always the best for us and our needs. I’ll take this by faith today.  I have to wonder of what use a day like today is to Him in my life. Perhaps His keeping power in spite of tears and fears of the moment.

We rode our bikes around “two blocks” as Brad consented to, since his bike is WAAAY too small and hard to pedal his gangly legs all scrunched up pumping it. Poor child.

Thinking of something bright and wonderful to remember and thank God for: Brad was baptized yesterday.  He was apprehensive, of course of all the publicity (if you can call our little Grace Bible Church group and a few visiting relatives publicity).  Our youngest one of seven made the big eternal step for Jesus. What more can a parent ask?

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