Woods Evening


I posted this picture on Facebook and kept thinking it was on blogger. It’s time to put the last post down further on the page.  So this is my paltry offering today. 

Our week was good/busy with work and plans.  Frances is on her countdown, operating from lists she’s been making. Packing to go overseas is such a lot of brain work.  She is taking seeds, books, chocolate, other gifts, and paraphernalia of all sorts.  She said right along that she wouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t want to get involved this way. But she knows good and well how unavoidable it is.   Amy and I have been sewing between times. Which means that the machine stays set up on the dining table, so when we can, we sew.

We are doing last things before Frank leaves.  Today it is to go to Copper Falls.  Elv’s mom would have like to go with us. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there is no way that we are going to try to take our 86 year old mother around on the only thing that I know of there is to do at Copper Falls besides camping and that is to take that hike around the falls.  I admire her ambition and energy to be sure. We enjoy Copper Falls.  The one year that we couldn’t go when I was so crippled up with a dead joint was frustrating to me.

They finally gave my Mom a surgery date this week.  So I spent considerable time dickering on a ticket through Priceline. In the end I went back to the beginning and just bought the ticket outright that was ridiculously low priced anyway. And our Nebraska visits are being planned around my flights as well, because when you get to MSP you are already a third the way to Gabe and Jenny’s home in Nebraska.

Mom and Dad are excited about mom getting her prosthesis…and dreading the whole thing, too.  Finally she will be able to take walks again.  I remember all of the things that are going through her mind from my own experience.  I know that the end result makes the whole surgery, therapy, and pain meds worth it.  I met a white-haired, plucky lady at the clinic yesterday, who came limping in on her cane.  She was frustrated, yet cheerfully determined as she told me that she has a good job of house cleaning and yet her surgery isn’t until mid October. I wish I could have talked with her longer. I have half a mind to call the clinic to find out if I can see her again. She was looking for someone to tell her that she can make it through.

We did corn this week. 52 meals in our freezer and 21 meals in Abbey’s. And it went fast and easy and fun. Thank You, Lord.  It helps immensely to have an outside stove and the water hose.  Amy commented on how much water we use to do corn. And there were no flies this year. None. Only two bees strayed from the garden to see what we were doing. 

                                                                                                                                     Good Day

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