A Surprise Quiet


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It is hard to believe.  Here I am seated in Mom’s gracious home in Idaho after almost a whole week of busy-ness.  The surgery went well, the hospital stay is behind us, and we’re adjusting to life at home with Mom and her new prosthesis. She sits in a recliner most of the time.  So many odd things about this…at least for life with my Mom.

Here she is having to take it easy for four weeks, allowing her bones to heal around the new prosthesis.  Her usual hard work is in evidence everywhere I look while I keep house and tend her needs. The garden is still giving us fresh vege’s and potatoes. Her gardens and lawns are magazine worthy. Truly. I think about my own, poor, little,  woodsy acres at home and find comparison to be almost laughable.

She knows where everything is here in her beautiful home. I have only to run to her room and ask. Her organization is apparent everywhere.

But we have been so busy. She has to be attended for all her personal needs. This takes time for both of us.  She is strong and quick by nature, so it is taking all of her patience and concentration to remember to slow down and move about correctly so as not to dislocate the new “hip”.  We talk through this over and over.  We talk about a lot of other things, too.

Mom is a good conversationalist. She is not a gossip. We have solved the worlds problems together. And read scripture together. We have talked about our President and our nation our personal histories and the future.

You know, there is something very special about sitting in Mom’s room by the hour visiting or not visiting as we wish and just spending time together. I am so glad that my family at home was willing to support my coming.

Thursday Morning.

My brother, Norvan, and I had got up before breakfast this morning to get to the airport by 5:30 AM. What a good time to talk and to discover what really is going on in a siblings head, both of us grown with grown children. What was that about back there? The panorama in the rear view mirror bears discussing. I am so glad we can do this. It helps me understand him and me and where we are headed. I get a fresh perspective on our personal history and impetus for the rest of what’s up over the next hill.  Thanks Norv. And BTW, what you said this morning happens to count with me. I’ll never see it all quite the same and I  purpose to use this as a steppingstone in Relationships 101 from which I cannot seem to graduate.

My flight boards in an hour. I wonder if I can get this posted.

I spent time with sisters and friends this week while I helped Mom. Shilah made pizza sauce one day in Mom’s kitchen while I wandered back and forth between Mom’s bedroom and Shilah’s project. I was absolutely no good to Shilah for sure. Mom was sleepy that day so I guess I filled in the gap.  Busy all day though somehow. It’s amazing how many steps a nurse ends up taking in a day. Serving makes the time fly by so quickly, and if anyone deserves to be nursed/served it is my mom. So I delighted in this.


One day April and I biked over to Sharon’s store across country. I had to raise the seat and handle bars on Dad’s bike, Isn’t that weird? I cannot ride bike all scrunched up in a huddle with my head down. I hope he can find his own setting again. (Sorry, Dad. I put the tools back right where I found them, I promise.) April tucked her two little princesses into a cart that she hooked behind her bike and off we went across the valley. We had coffee together at the Bread Basket. April is 15 years younger than me and we are just now discovering that we are sisters. Moorings and affirmations come from this for me. I won’t speak for her, but I get a huge kick out of discovering that we think like each other.

  I am looking forward to Wisconsin weather’s mood swings. Can’t wait to wear sweaters, have stove fires, and feel the crunch of leaves underfoot. I love home. I am pleased to feel like this because behind the scenes while I was in Idaho and even when we get home from Nebraska this weekend there were and are problems to be prayed  and pondered over. I guess this is life. Layers of pleasures and problems give depth to our lives.

5 thoughts on “A Surprise Quiet”

  1. Hope your Mom is feeling well and recuperating without problems. (Would love to see them again sometime.) It is great that you were able to go and be her nurse for awhile!


  2. Really loved this post because I love our family. I am glad you got to visit at length with them. There was much more to your stay at Mom and Dad's than being nurse.


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