Nebraska, Our Short Visit In a Few Pictures

2012-09-21 15.14.11Here we are just done shopping at Etcetra, the famous, favorite used shop in Seward, Nebraska.
2012-09-21 15.26.49Gwen took a shine to my purse and spent considerable time trying to see what was in there.
2012-09-22 11.32.40We girls went “garage sailing” and out for coffee at Panama Coffee. We didn’t see any sailing garages, but we found plenty of interesting things to browse through and buy.
2012-09-22 12.34.422012-09-22 12.34.52We came back to Amy’s new/in process house to find all these guys doing this and trying to convince us they were starving. So we put pizza in the oven for them.
2012-09-22 19.37.14Cook out the last thing Saturday night. Perfect fall weather and Gabe’s famous hamburgers on the grill. Jenny made gourmet baked beans, and baked squash that was so yummy, and potato salad. Plus being together with Matts and Gabes made things just about as close to perfect as we could get them.
2012-09-22 19.39.06 Just across the road the cows came up to the fence to see what we were doing. So we went over there to see what THEY were doing. Cows are kind of cute, I think.
My picture selection is very scanty.  No pictures of that lovely steak dinner with Gabes. We had nice visits here and there, too. Thanks you Matts for letting us sleep in your new house having our own quarters. I guess you won’t have an extra house for us to use every time we come. Smile

5 thoughts on “Nebraska, Our Short Visit In a Few Pictures”

  1. You look like a bunch of hillbillies standing outside Et-Cetra! 🙂 That store has me spoiled….it's the best thrift store I have ever been to and any others just don't cut it. Hmmmm there's my perk for the good life in Nebraska! 🙂


  2. “Silk, hats, gowns, perfume, jewelry…” to quote Elv. Mostly books, and a blender.Gabe has a set of dishes in that box there, and Jenny is trying to decide if she wants to let him ebay them or not. Very pretty transfer ware on milk glass in almost peri blue roses. We had a steak dinner that night with the table set with those plates.


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