Falling Leaves

It is so beautiful outdoors today.  They tell us that today is our last nice day. It has been a lovely, warm day. The golden glow of color is absolutely amazing this year. At the risk of sounding mystical and silly I would say that it answers something deep inside us and causes a strong sense of worship. Except that worship is definitely NOT silly.  So today is our last day and it is slipping away quickly.

If you are one of those folks who cannot see this beauty without grieving or mentioning that winter follows; then I feel sorry for you. The leaves have been falling all day. Our lawn is covered thickly in them already. It only adds to the beauty. Oh I know, this also means that one of these days we will have to rake them up.

I believe God made this beauty just to show us that He still can recolor our whole world any time and in any awesome color He chooses. Same goes for the rest of our world. No matter who gets to be the next president and what that person might be able to do to the “economy”, it doesn’t change God at all. And I’m banking on God. If He can paint the world with leaves, He can do anything else with us and our world He wishes, the media and anybody else making noises notwithstanding.

2 thoughts on “Falling Leaves”

  1. I agree with you! and I love autumn too! One of these times I'll have to go home in the fall so I can enjoy it again! 😉 –We are 'enjoying' raining season here right now.


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