Monday List

This has been a day of puttering around. That’s what my mom would call it. Everything home making is up to Brad and me this week again. We chose to leave the Sunday evening mess for this morning. Not usually a fine thing to do, but today it didn’t turn out so badly.

After coffee with Elv and the men getting off to work I started the laundry and dishes. Dishes took a long time partly because of my sore arm and partly because I cleaned out the refrigerator freezer, too while I was at it. Elv will be glad to know that the shelf that has been acting like it was broken was only because the holders had fallen off and were laying at the bottom of the mess. Major accomplishment there. Cleaned and put back together like new.

There is a roast in the pot and dinner rolls rising on a pan by the fire in the living room for supper. As a fun bonus because we had so much extra cream cheese on hand I created two pumpkin cheesecake pies. They came out of the oven looking delicious and lovely. No camera….again!

The LP tank is being filled today, too. No more worries that my oven is going to fade out in the middle of a ticklish baking project. The gas man came to the door to tell me how generous he had been to not charge for a leak check which he had to do because the tank was empty. Saved us 75 dollars. I see. Moral of the story is to not let it get empty. What a good idea!

Ironed four muslin and lace curtain panels to take up to the cabin this week. I laid them over a dining chair back just to look at them along with a sunflower table runner. No camera.

Taped birthday cards to the side of the black file cabinet. That old fashioned idea came from looking up Kim Jacobs art while hunting for an idea for creating us a scrapbooking area for winter here where we live without compromising too much living space. Kim Jacobs, herself, looks a lot like my childhood friend, Jennifer, I discovered today. Didn’t get any good ideas about an in house studio. Derailed hunt.

The reminder of Jennifer brought back the old flood of memories and questions. I didn’t want to think about all that on Monday, so I didn’t. Just settled for the pleasure of seeing her like that there in Kim Jacobs picture, rosy face, dark parted hair, apron, and gardening. Lovely. What’s the chance anybody sees a beautiful me in some unexpected place? Okay, that was a bunny trail. Sure wouldn’t mind hearing from you, though, Jennifer.

Cozy indoors and rainy outdoors. Lovely fall this year.

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