My Grouchy List

1. The changes in our world. Non resistance is not popular. Mine is pretty thin. I have a indiscreet yen to straighten things up a bit. Just ask my poor family having to listen to me.
2. My expired drivers license. Now I have to go trotting off to town this morning instead of staying at home and cleaning our dirty house.
3. I hate it when people tout attitudes as virtues! (Don’t laugh.)
4. There are payables on our desk. Always. But I don’t want to even see them today.
5. No, I do NOT want to go to prayer meeting by myself while Elv has a meeting!
6. I want life to be normal! (Yelling)

Psalm 37: 3,4
Trust in the LORD, and do good:
Dwell in the land, and feed on His
Delight yourself also in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires
   of your heart.

Today must be verb day. Trust! in the LORD. It is something to do for grouchies.
Dwell! Settle down and be quiet. Delight! Okay, this one is hard. Last thing I can muster is delight just now. But since it’s in the LORD…that is easier.

*Writing this reminds me… last week one day when life was especially difficult, someone in my life was “prompted” to send me an email with a one line encouraging word. It was as if God reached right down through the ceiling and said, “I’ve got it all under control, and I love you.” Bad day went away, completely! Thank You, God. And Thank You, you know who you are, for being obedient on short notice while you hovered over the send key. Actually, that incident helps this week’s grouchies, as well, in thanking you this way. I hope you’re getting as much blessing as I am, now that I am remembering to count.

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