Pictures Just For Anyhow

I would really like if I could write all around these pictures.  Never have figured out how to make any of the blogger tools I use do exactly what I envision. This picture was taken on one of the highest spots in Sawyer county on County Road N. What I really wanted a picture of was the point up there in the middle of the picture where you can see miles  of color and trees.  But what I see and what my camera sees are two different things. Which is, of course, my own silly fault. The same principle applies for why I can’t draw to save my neck. So this one is for all you girls who miss fall in Wisconsin.2012-10-04 12.25.43
I stepped out of the van and decided to take a picture of all those leaves. 

2012-10-04 17.47.13

2012-10-04 17.47.35
  Elv and Benny have a Sunday afternoon watch of Tom and Jerry sometimes. Please don’t ask me to explain, okay? It’s a man/boy thing, not meant for girls at any age.

2012-10-07 19.12.49

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