A Cookie Recipe

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                              White Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal GF Cookies

We have been trying to find a good name for the latest cookie recipe around here. Last week I had a couple of cups of Dena’s pecans to use up and so the cookies were called, White Chocolate, Pecan, Oatmeal Cookies. Nobody likes to put that “GF” in there. I do not blame them. It is too much of a UFO (Unidentified Floating/Flying/Fried? Object).  Our boys are adverse to UFOs in their food.  Ingredients in soup or hot dish should either be so intrinsic to the dish to be entirely “invisible” or they should be entirely identifiable.  The unknowns are the objection.
GF (gluten free) puts a pause in the transport of the cookie from counter to the mouth in the hands of a male. “What? bean flour again?”  
“Don’t eat it then…saves more for the rest of us.” I offer my pat solution to iffy food. Dismissing them without compunction.
I honestly do not care if someone does not like my cookies, so when it was Jaden asking the above I let him sweat it out the same way. Five minutes later he reentered the kitchen still chewing, “Those are good.”  He left with a few more in his hand. He must have sneaked the first one when I was not looking. Could not resist, after all. 
Here is the recipe. One of two standard cookie recipes around here.

                                    Oatmeal Cookies

       ~4 sticks of butter
       ~2 cups brown sugar
       ~1 1/2 cups white sugar
       ~4 eggs
       ~1 tsp salt
       ~2 1/2 tsps soda
       ~1 tsp vanilla
       ~5 or 6 cups blended oatmeal
       ~bean flour 
Variations or Combinations Thereof:
       ~chocolate chips 
       ~dried fruit

Cream together the first four ingredients but do not beat. Just barely blended is best. Add the salt, soda, vanilla, oatmeal and mix briefly. Add in the flour to get the dough consistency of  cookies that do not run all over the pan in the oven. You might work it in by hand or only a few seconds in the Bosch. Bake till lightly brown and take them out of the oven. They will finish pan baking in a few minutes and also be removable  by then. Hide till serving. Or watch them disappear immediately.

5 thoughts on “A Cookie Recipe”

  1. Shilah made these for us two Christmas's ago when were at here house. They are fabulous. One Christmas I made them with white chocolate drizzled over the top to make them look more festive. Yes good cookies.


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