Sunday Afternoon Scribbling

     Sunday afternoon stretches out before us: no company, no plans, and completely ours to do as we wish. The teenagers head for their rooms or the nearest couch to sprawl and snooze. Elv and I sit here in the living room not talking and on our computers. The fire flickers in the stove, warming the house. A winter sun sends shafts  through the south and east windows. The  only sounds are the creaking stove as it heats up, the fan, and my keyboard. Unless you count the crows laughing at their own discoveries outside. 
     When I got to the car after church, a copy of the popular book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp was on the seat. Oh Good. Now I can make my own deduction.  Poor Mrs. Voskamp. I am sure she had no idea how much of a stir she would create with her scribbling.  I began paging through it immediately. So those of you standing by, waiting for stonehousescribbling’s report/opinion of the book can now begin breathing again. I still like our old fashioned rules of writing and grammar. I don’t mind being the odd gal out who doesn’t enjoy her writing style.
     We heard a great sermon about being grateful this morning. Thanksgiving time is here. I love these reminders to count our blessings. He said  that gratitude is a decision, not based on our circumstances, but on the God who is in charge of our lives. I liked the reminder to be grateful for what we already have, instead of pining for things we want to have.
     It’s deer hunting season in Wisconsin. Brad and Elv both got licenses and spent time hunting yesterday. The big one never showed and the regular sized deer kept their backs turned and got away among the trees. They reported that they didn’t get a decent chance to shoot. I have a meat grinder lined up for if and when they bring home the venison. 
     There will be no ice skating at Thanksgiving time this year.  There is no snow… the days are still warming up to almost 50 degrees. It is perfect weather for fall planting and leaf raking.  
     The only thing is, I can’t rake leaves this year. I am finally waking up to the hard-to-accept fact that my shoulder is not healing very well. I ruined something September the 20th on my way home from Idaho, I guess. Was it carrying my computer case and purse around in the Denver airport that did it? Or did I sleep in a bad position leaning on my elbow on the plane? Who knows, but whatever I did, I am still living it down, unsuccessfully. I am praying that if I show it to my family doctor;  she will be able to tell me what I did and how I can undo it, for good. 
     We’re looking forward to the family times coming up during Thanksgiving Days.  We should savor these times. 
     Give hugs…take them, too, while you have a chance. We have no guarantee of another. 

2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Scribbling”

  1. About Ann's book. Read it anyhow. Because I started it too and didn't have time for her abstract breathy writing style. And so you read it and tell me what all the noise is about. I think there might be so really good things to read but I just can't relate to how she writes.


  2. Can you hang onto the book till I get home? I'd love to read it. I'm going to pray that the guys each get a deer, it would be so nice for Brad to have that. Do you spose there will be ice by Christmas? -Frank


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