Christmas Scenes For My Mom

Mom, this is just to let you see in for glimpse of us and ours at Christmastime. 

Actually, this was taken the week before Christmas. 

Benny’s first time of making Christmas cookies.


Gwen holding Madelhyde and Luci

 When you read to Gwen you must not leave any fingers between the pages you’ve just turned on the left side of the book.I don’t know why? That’s just the way it is. 

Twenty Toes

All the girls on Christmas Day

We had look alike skirts for Christmas day, just for fun. 

2 thoughts on “Christmas Scenes For My Mom”

  1. Just rediscovered something about myself: I don't like dolls unless they're rag dolls. I guess I knew that before. I didn't do traditional Christmas cookies this year. No patience for it. Maybe next year.


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