Christmas Coasters


This year’s home made project for Christmas gifts was fun. The idea came from a friend’s sister who was making them for her family. 

 When I was a child, I had an aunt who helped her children create gifts every Christmas at home with their own tools and talents. I was amazed and jealous and intimidated all at once. These coasters are not perfect but they are a howling success in regards to my own sense of accomplishment what with using personal photographs and quarter inch plywood and Mod Podge. 

Mod Podge is nicely fitted to the brainstorms of a home crafter. It is glue, clear finish, and texture all at once. I used it to glue the picture to the board and then painted three coats of it on top the picture for sealing. An added delight was the depth that it gave to the picture itself. 

I think I made four of these Loons and Lilies sets. I am waiting to hear how they will hold up to hot coffee cups and spills. 

3 thoughts on “Christmas Coasters”

  1. Kara, I failed to say that I put 5 coats of that Acrylic spray over the top of the everything to get a good solid seal on it. Just so you know. This is not a proper tutorial, you know. Look it up and get the directions so that I am not responsible for how yours turn out. 🙂


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