January Days At Home

 Long, quiet January days are here, along with the flu.  We have a puzzle out on the coffee table that Carolyn started Sunday afternoon. Brad is a very organized puzzle piecer. Amy is working on  it now and then while she is sick just because she is too miserable to even read.
   A chickadee finally found the feeder this morning weeks after I had given up entirely on having birds this winter. Ordered another feeder from my dad today. He said it would cost me 35 dollars, but I reminded him that I have a birthday coming up sometime this year…:)
   Maybe next winter we will get deep snows and have flocks of birds gracing our feeders and windowsill.

   Cleaning surfaces and doing dishes is about all I get done these days. I am back to how it was during toddler days, getting next to nothing but basics done with my teen-aged girls sick with the flu.
Last night we put on two pots of water with rosemary to steam and two electric steamers, as well. From now on the smell/taste of rosemary will be associated with sickness, unfortunately, and should not be used in food we eat. But Elv and Amy both slept better.
  Busier, healthier days are ahead. I’m tanking up on the slower pace just now and enjoying the opportunity for together time, despite the coughing. There is a  pharmacy littering my kitchen, too , but that will go away as soon as does the flu.

                                  Three new frames of the married children on our piano.

The one extra project that I tackled today was getting all those Christmas family photos hung. No more taping pictures over the entire white board. We’ll see how the new fad works.

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