Mid Winter Dreams

 There shall be a row or two of bachelor’s buttons in the garden next summer. Nothing wakes up a table bouquet quite as nicely as the feathery blue of this flower. Some people call them corn flowers. I don’t know why.
Does this picture take your mind far away from the nasty Influenza? I hope so.

 If you see a garden tea in this, you will have observed correctly. I have dreams of being able to supply a large garden tea with bouquets of summer blooms like we did the day we took this picture. Ah! such memories are a lovely on a cold winter’s day in January.

 The only way to see this flower that I know of is to canoe down the channel through a swampy flowage and keep your eye on the shore line. You will also see cotton flowers and flags of blue, white and yellow. The flags (water iris) are absolutely amazing making drifts of blue along the edge and mirrored in the water they stand in. This flower is a swamp laurel. And this picture does not do it’s perfection justice at all.

Maybe it’s time to browse through the seed catalogs.

4 thoughts on “Mid Winter Dreams”

  1. There's a whole bunch of that flower where Sissabagama Rd comes off of BB. All you have to do to get to it is jump over the narrow(ish) puddle in the ditch… and it might be a good idea to wear mud boots. Close as we can figure out that flower is a WI version of Mountain Laurel.


  2. Yes Kayla, that's what we figured out. Although those who are used to Mountain Laurel didn't really think we ought to call it that. So when I looked up in the wild flowers for WI; I found that it's called swamp or bog laurel here. I think the flower is laurel no matter what kind you make it. The characteristic dainty detailed floret is the same. It is one of those opportunities to worship our Creator who loves to give us things to remind us of Him.


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