I looked high and low this morning for the new bag of coffee beans that I had fortified myself with Tuesday when Frank and I were in town. Never did find that little bag of beans. Not in the freezer or in the pantry, nor even in the refrigerator. It simply wasn’t…anywhere. Brad ran out to the van to look for a stray bag of groceries. Not there, either.
   I really love my morning coffee.  I had already indulged in a late sleeping in for a change, so fresh coffee and my Bible by the fire were all my dreams come true on a winter’s snowy morning. Alas, no coffee. None.
  Hot chocolate made with real milk and plenty of mix, hot out of the microwave was hardly compensation, but I made it do. Yuck. It was way too much like food or something, definitely not coffee. It wasn’t even close to coffee.
    So I tried English Breakfast Tea by Twinnings. Hot black tea with a droplet of Thai honey to sweeten it. I put it in the mug that Brad gave to me for Christmas. It didn’t help much. Still tea, and not coffee.
   The picture even looks pathetic, doesn’t it?   Coffee mug sits on a china saucer, the tea bag string dangling. Nice steam though. So I took a picture.
   In other news. Elv was sent to the doctor today by his wife who is very tired of his being sick and grouchy.  The doctor said he looked like something we won’t say here. I agree. He was prescribed antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine to get healthy again. We hope it works. It’s not pneumonia, just a bad case of bronchitis. He has been about as friendly as a teased rattle snake, to quote Elv himself. This has been a “doozy” of a flu.
    The children are getting well without antibiotics, so far. They’ll probably cough till Easter, though.
    AND! Elv just got a call from his mechanic that the pickup is not even close to broken down. Electrical connection re-established and it runs fine. Elv’s relief overrides his sheepishness almost entirely although he commented that this will be hard on his mechanic reputation.  No it won’t. It’s a wonderful break through in a long chain of frustrations for us since I don’t know when.
    Found out today that to get a simple x-ray done on a damaged shoulder will only cost you $500.00. I find that to be startlingly amazing. I’m gonna buy a machine and do x-rays for people at half price and retire in luxury!
   Last of all, it is supposed to get very cold by Sunday night. Thirty below zero. Take that! you old flu bugs!

6 thoughts on “Scribblings”

  1. Well, you should have come down to your once anti-coffee drinking neighbor. I have 3 different kinds in the freezer at the moment. One was even ground and then put right into the freezer. 🙂 I know, hard to believe but times change people too!1


  2. I have to admit your tea steeping in that cup looks wonderful to me. I drink coffee but prefer tea. Actually on some of these cold days anything hot tastes good. 🙂 Connie


  3. Arla, today, rather spontaniously, the “sistas” met at our coffee shop after I had already inhaled two french presses of coffee at home. I knew there was no way I could have more so the kind lady behind the counter fixed an Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla flavoring. I felt like I was in an European country. It was actually quite delicious.


  4. Arla, I waited until I am nearly seventy years old before I begin to state clearly and for no sensible reason I do not like these beautiful tea cups. I like tea but beautiful tea cups are not my cup of tea. I like coffee and coffee cups. This is so but the world doesn't need know my likes and dislike but it kinds fun to state this. I laughed at myself when I began to realize this and say this out loud.


  5. Well God is working on you. You can live with out coffee. Just give into His gentle guiding. Tea is good, Cocoa is good. The taste of coffee is bad, walk to the l..i…g…h….t…..
    🙂 🙂
    I really do hope you find your beans!


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